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 Satellite Tags For Detection & Reporting of Fish Spawning Events 


 California Approves Ropeless Fishing - To Begin In 2021 


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SeaTag-SP:  A Spawning Detection and Reporting Pop-up Satellite Tag

SeaTag-SP™ is a pop-up satellite tag (PSAT) optimized for the detection and satellite reporting of fish spawning events. The tag system includes a small acoustic micro pinger that is injected in the ovary or oviduct of the fish and a PSAT SeaTag manufactured with an internal pinger detector. When the fish spawns, the acoustic pinger is ejected along with the spawn. Loss of the pinger signal indicates a spawning event has occurred and the SeaTag will trigger it's release mechanism, float to the surface and transmit the data to the Argos satellite constellation. 

Critical Information for Conservation & Fisheries Management

Beginning in the 1980's, marine biologists and fishery managers have been gaining detailed insights into the behavioral patterns and life cycle of marine animals using PSAT tags. Since then, many studies have revealed detailed migratory paths, depth/vertical habitat, temperature preferences, diurnal activity, and more recently accelerometry for many species. However, even with these technologies, researchers and fishery managers lack the essential knowledge of spawning event location and timing. Spawning information is critical for the proper management of species targeted by commercial fishing and conservation of species that might require a marine sanctuary especially for these spawning events. 

When the micro pinger is ejected from the fish ovary and signal loss indicates a spawning event has occurred, the SeaTag will be prompted to collect additional environmental information including depth, temperature, light level, magnetic field intensity, and other fish activity prior to separating from the fish and floating to the surface for reporting. The SeaTag-SP is an adaption of the modular SeaTag-MOD and so all of the benefits of a tag designed for highly detailed behavioral studies come along with it. 

Learn More About SeaTag-MOD™ Capabilities
Video of SeaTag-MOD harnessed to Sablefish and released back into the Pacific Ocean. Video Credit:  Steven Roberts

Ropeless Fishing Is Underway In California Beginning 2021

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife has approved the use of alternative gear for ropeless fishing using pop-up buoys on demand. This upcoming fishing season for Dungeness Crab there will be commercial harvesters using ropeless gear to continue fishing in a safe way for both migrating whales and the fishermen themselves. 

A WIN-WIN Situation

With ropeless gear, California is set to join other fishing grounds that have experienced zero whale entanglements using ropeless technology. Fishing operators will also receive the added benefits from fishing a more full season, safety from catch-theft, and a reduction in gear loss due to inclement weather or ship strikes. 

Less gear loss, greater catch protection, increased fishing season, and ZERO whale entanglements. That's my new definition of a WIN-WIN situation heading into the 2021 fishing season!

VIDEO Playlist - Ropeless Fishing on boats big and small

Desert Star Systems In The News

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