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Ropeless Fishing Breakfast Series

Speed of Ropeless Fishing vs. Static Buoys

Speed of Ropeless Fishing Depends on Level of Experience

Not many professional athletes are ready to compete at the highest level the first time they learn how to play the game. We've heard it most of our lives, motto's like "practice make perfect" or "when the going gets tough, the tough get going". Well, the same adages are proven true for ropeless fishers. With any newly learned skill, it takes time and practice to master it.

We've heard from you and we are listening. Thank you for sharing your experiences. Some common feedback we received are concerns about work speed and operation of ropeless gear. For that reason, this newsletter includes a worksheet designed to help you determine what speed of operation you can expect when learning to use ropeless gear. In one example, let's consider a fisher with 800 pots, fishing 20 trawls in 100 fathom depth. Their average workday might be 10 hours. In the beginning that fisher might expect their work time to increase to 12 hours per day, but after optimizing their operations and gaining experience that same fisher can expect to speed up their overall work time to 9 hours per day and allowing their operation to become faster than it was when they were previously using surface buoys.

We have learned a lot over the past few years from experienced pot fishers using pop-up ropeless gear. Big thanks to the experienced and generational fishers in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Some have participated in fishing trails at sea and others have adapted to using the gear for their own fishing operations. Where some tasks might take longer, there is significant time savings in other areas. Use this worksheet to estimate your speed of operation using the ARC-1XD Individual Release System. What is your estimated speed of operation?

The ARC-1XD Individual Release System is best suited for fishers using trawls and operating in deep water (300m/984ft depth rated) or fishing in high currents where surface buoys can submerge.

The lesser cost ARC-2 Broadcast Release System is best suited for single boat operators, using single pot traps and fishing in shallow near coastal waters. The ARC-2 is waterproof and single switch operated with no PC required. Look for the next newsletter to learn more about ropeless fishing and how it can be optimized for smaller vessels.
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Experienced Ropeless Fisher Steve Rosskelley Talks About Using Ropeless Gear
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Forbes Science

"Utilizing acoustic release technology, a sound signal is sent from the boat down to the pot with a push of a button. The pots are tethered to a bag containing rope and buoys, which are released from the bag when the signal is given. Once the buoys breach the surface, fishers can retrieve their pots by pulling in the line. Boats can use the technology to determine location of cages as well."

"The concern for poaching is removed as well. Poachers can easily locate, pull and empty traditional pots, but since acoustic release pots only come when called, they are far out of the reach of poachers." - Forbes Science


ARC-2 Broadcast Release For
Small Boat Operators

A Look Ahead To The Next Newsletter

We've heard some of your concerns about smaller vessels and single person operators. Next week we will provide some examples for how to optimize ropeless fishing gear for those fishers.

Every fishery is different. Every fisher fishes differently. What is the size of your vessel, how many crew, how many pots, low or high current, deep or shallow water? Let's take a closer look at the two release systems and how they can be best suited for your operations:

ARC-1XD:  Individual and Broadcast Release Capabilities
ARC-2:  Broadcast Release Only Capabilities
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