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Ropeless Fishing Breakfast Series

Continued Success With Ropeless Fishing In 2021

On the way to the octopus fishing grounds armed with ARC-2 Ropeless Fishing Gear ready to go. 
 Photo: Michael Daniel

Cape Town's Octopus Fishery:
A Story Of Success & Co-operation

The South African Octopus Fishery was ordered closed in 2019 due to whale entanglements. In Cape Town, the commercial harvesters and government officials quickly came to an agreement to use ropeless technology with timed or acoustic releases and the fishery has now opened again, so far with no entanglements. South Africa is the just latest jurisdiction to demonstrate, ropeless technology is ready and commercially viable and is a very effective solution to prevent entanglements while preserving a fishery. 

Octopus fisher Mikhail DanielsPhoto supplied

"South Africa’s experimental octopus long line fishery has a positive story to tell of flexibility, co-operation, and technology."
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Ropeless Fishing Is Underway In California Beginning 2021

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife has approved the use of alternative gear for ropeless fishing using pop-up buoys on demand. This upcoming fishing season for Dungeness Crab there will be commercial harvesters using ropeless gear to continue fishing in a safe way for both migrating whales and the fishermen themselves. 

A WIN-WIN Situation

With ropeless gear, California is set to join other fishing grounds that have experienced zero whale entanglements using ropeless technology. Fishing operators will also receive the added benefits from fishing a more full season, safety from catch-theft, and a reduction in gear loss due to inclement weather or ship strikes. 

Less gear loss, greater catch protection, increased fishing season, and ZERO whale entanglements. That's my new definition of a WIN-WIN situation heading into the 2021 fishing season!
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Desert Star Systems In The News

(Dennis L. Taylor/Monterey Herald)

"Marco Flagg, the CEO of Desert Star, said his technology is already being deployed in trial runs in crab and lobster fisheries along the New England coast, Nova Scotia, Scotland and as commercial tools in New South Wales, Australia, and perhaps New Zealand in the near future.

The system for crab and lobster fishing in those areas are different than the West Coast Dungeness crab fisheries in that long lines connect the pots so that far fewer pop-ups are needed to bring all the buoys to the surface, making it economically viable in those regions."

“It has to make business sense,” Flagg said. “Economics are so important.”

- Monterey Herald

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