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January 12, 2019
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  • Medicare Advantage has improved
  • Medigap Plans C & F are being closed
  • People Are Working Beyond 65
  • End notes after a chapter, and Index with hyperlinks (in the ebook)
  • Chapters 7 & 8 are re-organized to discuss Working After 65 and Retiree Group Plans
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I've Made a List, Have Checked It Thrice
I don't live in a glass house, so...

The Newsletter is free, I am pretty sure you have benefited in some way (I read the drivel on the internet as a point of comparison). That all said, we (you) have not collectively shared the information with others. The ripple effects of this spread everywhere.
  • Your friend, your neighbor is wrongly/ill-informed
  • People wrongly assign blame to some party (physician, financial guy, insurance carrier), making the vicious cycle of suspicion worse, and that creates convenient excuses for not getting the facts.
  • The facts are that in Medicare's case, the rights and options are in the consumer's favor, overwhelmingly so. If this was a blank piece of paper, Farmer Fred wouldn't offer these options to his customers. But, Farmer Fred doesn't answer to the CMS.
You're Here, Others Aren't. That is the problem. The bottom line is that YOU are here, so you know where to ask. Others do not, and worse, they don't know where to start to ask. It is convenient and simple to say "it's their problem, not mine." That could not be more wrong: we have a healthcare system, healthcare is probably the singular economic topic where more collective information increases the value, which is entirely different from other economic topics.
  • If you have information that others do not have, then it is usually more valuable to you, the owner of the specialized information. Example: you know there is an oil field under a piece of land, which no one else knows. You benefit, singularly, from having this information.
  • Health insurance and healthcare does not work in this way, it is a very special case. Having the correct information and keeping it to yourself hurts the value to you because someone else has bills they cannot pay, or are overpaying. The ripple effect gets back to? Everyone else. 
For not being overwhelmingly effective in communicating this to the currently 60 million Medicare beneficiaries and 10,000 additional people, every single day? To myself, I say: See Me After Class.

In order to improve on this, there will likely be changes to the information and insight contained in this Newsletter. We will concentrate our effort on those that have discovered and supported our message. We spend a great deal of time studying this.
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Newsworthy (relatively speaking)
  • NYC Mayor Guarantees Comprehensive Health Care for All in Historic Surprise Announcement (link)
  • Group aims to educate consumers on living benefits in January (link)
  • Trump wants to bypass Congress on Medicaid plan (link)
Books I Wished That I Wrote
"I'll ask my friend, he's savvy." 

If I had to read a single book about how people make the wrong financial decision for the wrong reason, it's summarized here. Maximize Your Medicare is merely the thinnest slice of the same pie.
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