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  • BENES Act could be a very good development
  • 5 Million People have lost health insurance due to COVID-19
  • Life Insurance Ads: Not Untrue, Not the Complete Truth
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Medicare / Health Insurance
BENES Act Could Be Very Helpful
The BENES Act  (S. 1280/H.R. 2477) has been in the works since 2018. It is meant to address problems with enrolling in Medicare Part B. 760,000 pay a late enrollment penalty for Part B, according to estimates.

It would:
  • Change the General Election Period (which now runs during Q1), to the same as the Annual Election Period (October 15 - December 7)
  • Change the delay in coverage date of Part B when you enroll after the month of your birth date (that would solve some other delays on an Special Enrollment Period vs IEP conflict, one that I intentionally guide people away from, when I know this can occur). This is a lot stickier than it may seem.
Here's the link (click here).
Medicare Part B Explained
One comment: there are a lot of videos that may look like this on YouTube, I find it stunning to believe that it can be completely explained in 3 minutes. 
5MM Lost Health Insurance due to COVID-19
An Early Look at the Potential Implications of the COVID-19 Pandemic for Health Insurance Coverage (click here to read).

Commonwealth Fund = top of the class thinktank. The stunning takeaway is the huge number of people that have lost health insurance coverage due to unemployment.

What is unknown and unreported here:
  • How many then enrolled in private health insurance?
  • How many are now newly uninsured after all is said and done?  Update: we have estimates now: at least 5,000,000 (link). 
Financial Planning
The issue is that annuities' function can be VITAL, IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING. The hurdle to overcome is that annuities get quite a bit of press, it seems mostly bad.
  • Those that say that annuities have an inherent reason to tell you this: their success depends on you NOT deploying annuities.
  • These people (including me) cannot, ABSOLUTELY CANNOT, guarantee elements of performance that may the vitally important to you.
  • Annuities DO have very complicated language, and the terms are not the same across the vast number of options. The differences are important.
  • People make mistakes in choosing, and then they make further mistakes in actually deploying annuities.
  • A lot of this could've been avoided by 1) correctly defining the objective, and 2) allocating the appropriate amount of money, out of your total household resources.
Can You Believe These Life Insurance Ads?
Yes and no
  1. The ads are not wrong. IF you are in very good health, and have an ideal body mass index (BMI), then the answer is yes. 
  2. No ad is better than another in this case. If you are 40 years old, and fit this description, you can get a 20-year term policy easily at a low price. NO AD HAS AN ADVANTAGE OVER ANOTHER, and IS NO DIFFERENT FROM MINE. IT IS LITERALLY A PRICE TIE.
  3. Problem with these ads is if you do not fit this description. First, the premiums are no longer a tie, the premiums will vary, and notably. Moving parts are age, weight, tobacco, medical history: if anything is not perfect, then your premium can vary or you could be denied.
  4. If denied, this "black mark" sits next to your name, and other carriers will know in the future. Your auto insurance agent may ask if you need life insurance, but the underwriting can be difficult, leading to denial That will make future applications more difficult.
  5. Here's a little-known secret: term life insurance is HARDER to get than permanent (whole or universal) life insurance.
As always, you need to have your radar on. 

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