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Opportunity to Add or Remove Goods and Countries to/from GSP Duty-Free Treatment

With the recent reauthorization of the Generalized System of Preferences, importers, foreign governments and others again have an opportunity to petition the U.S. government for changes in GSP coverage.

The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative has initiated its annual review of the products and countries eligible for duty-free treatment under GSP and is accepting petitions seeking to add, preserve or remove GSP benefits.


Join us October 22, 2015 to learn about new Mexican Customs Regulations and other tips from Trade Experts.

Keynote Speakers:
Adam Hill -Vice President of Operations
Rita Gonzalez -Branch Operations Manager

Market Overview: Mexico is the third largest trading partner of the United States, and represents the second largest export market of U.S. products and services. Since its enactment in 1994, the North American Free Trade Agreement. The NAFTA is largely responsible for an increase in U.S.-Mexico bilateral trade, which went from $88 billion in 1993 to $460 billion in 2011.
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Are You Ready for ACE?


As an importer, we advise you to ask your current Customs Broker: 

“Are you transitioned to file in ACE?  Are you ready to electronically file my entries by November 1, 2015?”

Anyone who is not filing in the Automated Commercial Environment by this date could face significant delays in cargo processing and it will affect release of goods at the border, as well.  So, check it out!

Smart People Never Make These Mistakes Twice

Everybody makes mistakes—that’s a given—but not everyone learns from them. Some people make the same mistakes over and over again, fail to make any real progress, and can’t figure out why.
“When you repeat a mistake it is not a mistake anymore: it is a decision.”
– Paulo Coelho

Surcharge announced for September 15, 2015
$360 / $400 / $450  per  20'/40'/40HQ
$15 per W/M for LCL Cargo
To all U.S. Destinations

*Please be aware that amounts and implementation dates continue to change.  
We will keep you updated!

GRI announced for September 1, 2015
Rates will be $540/ $600 / $675
Per  20′ / 40′/ 40′HQ
$20 per W/M for LCL Cargo
To all U.S. Destinations

*Please be aware that amounts and implementation dates continue to change.  
We will keep you updated!

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