Scarbrough News Update
Port Congestion Chaos.  When is it going to end?

I hope to have created a good synopsis on the West Coast Port Congestion Situation. Plus, I want to know what you think. How is it affecting your business?  And did you know that this situation has led to a french fry shortage in Japan?!

C-TPAT for Exporters

Although C-TPAT was originally put in place for U.S. Importers, many U.S. Exporters are now being required by buyers to become C-TPAT validated.  Find out more!

Panama Canal:  Tolls to come 2016   

The Panama Canal Authority announced its plans for a new toll structure.  Did you know the delays have pushed the cost of the project from its original $5.2 billion estimate to more than $7 billion in the eyes of some analysts?


Work with a Food Facility?

As of Jan. 1, 2015, foreign food facilities are required to register with the FDA or those goods will be held.


A Customs Bond can be processed in seconds these days?  What!? 

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