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Kansas City Launches First Ever Export Plan

#GoGlobalKC ! That's what everyone at the GCI Kansas City Export Launch chanted nearly 2 weeks ago when the Export Plan announced its strategies and tactics to strengthen competitiveness with better paying jobs in the area.

Top Ocean Carriers announce new Alliance

"The Ocean Alliance," formed by CMA CGM, COSCO, Evergreen, and OOCL, is set out to bring significantly improved services to customers around the world. Plans to go into effect April 2017. More details below.

3000 miles. No engine. No Sail. Just Muscle. 

Can they make it from California to Hawaii in just 44 days ? The Great Pacific Race is the biggest and baddest human endurance challenge on the planet.  Teams from around the world will compete this June. Check it out! 

•More people have been to space than have done this 
•They will be rowing 2400+ miles: longer than driving from NYC to San Francisco
•Over 4000 people have climbed Mount Everest, but only around 350 people have rowed across ocean

• There is no ‘bathroom’ on the boat
• They will carry their own food supply - enough for 80 days and a water maker
• Average flying fish in the face per crossing: 22
• Calories consumed each per day: 5,000
• Solar panels to power electronics: 2
• Saved songs on Spotify: 1672
• Deepest part of the Pacific Ocean: 36,200 feet

ACE & SOLAS VGM  (Iowa Falls)
04/26  |  Register
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Letters of Credit (Webinar)
05/11  |  Register
Import Basics (Kansas City)
05/12  |  Register
Foreign Trade Zones (Webinar)
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Back to the Basics

Offered to the Kansas City Trade Community. Learn about HTS classification, Valuation, Incoterms, among other import basics. Submit questions ahead of time here.

PLUS, as industry experts, we will discuss hot topics such as ACE, TPP, & SOLAS.


Carriers have announced GRI updates for May 1, 2016.

$1080 / $1200 / $1350
20' / 40' / 40'HQ


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