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Biggest Trade Deal in History

Known as the biggest trade deal ever, the trade delegates involved with the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement have finally reached a deal.  What's the deal with this deal anyway ?  Find out here.

 Local Opportunities You Won't Want to Miss

October 14, 2015
Global Cities Initiative, Export Market Revealing:
Kansas City. Click here.

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Export Markets across the Nation, click here.

October 22, 2015
Doing Business with Mexico: Kansas City. Click here.
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November 4, 2015
Automated Commercial Environment Workshop:
Kansas City. Click here.


Truckers in India on Strike

Truckers in India enter their fifth day on strike.  The truckers do not agree with the Government's new toll system, and the Government has made it clear it will not scrap what new system has been put in place.

Do you know your Regs?

Several new Mexican regulations have been issued this year. Come learn more from U.S. and Mexican Trade experts in Kansas City on October 22, 2015.
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Relief in Asia Airfreight Rates

With Golden Week now upon us, TransPacific Eastbound Airfreight is expected to see a bit of relief to U.S. markets.

Asia to North America GRI

October GRI is postponed
for Nov 1, 2015.
$540 / $600 / $675  per  20'/40'/40HQ

*Please be aware that GRI amounts and implementation dates continue to change.  We will keep you updated!

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