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Zika Virus Fumigation Requirements for China

Containers originating from countries involved with Zika Virus and entering China shall be subject to anti-mosquito treatment.   It is the Chinese Consignee’s Responsibility to inform Shipper (at origin) to provide a certificate of proof of fumigation treatment.

If no certificate is provided, the buyer must fumigate the cargo at arrival at port of destination.

Does your company export previously imported items?

If you've answered yes, you should consider Duty Drawback.   A handy FAQ was created for your consideration. What type of importer/exporter should consider duty drawback?  When is duty drawback most beneficial? What should an importer be cautious of when pursuing duty drawback?

CBP Updates and More Regulatory Audits


Companies are starting to see more audit surveys and quick responses performed.  Find out why regulatory audits are performed in the first place and what you should do if you receive a letter or phone call from U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

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Carrier Alliances

Carrier alliances have been in the news for some time now and finalized partnerships are set to launch in April 2017. Find out the most recent information on 2M, Ocean Alliance, THE Alliance, and the 2 major global carriers without an affiliation or alliance.


Carriers have announced
GRI updates for September 1, 2016.
Most lanes will be
$900 / $1000/ $1125
20' / 40' / 40'HQ


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