Scarbrough News Update
Scarbrough Announces its
Domestic Freight Online Portal


Scarbrough's Domestic Freight division, Scarbrough Transportation is pleased to announce its innovative technology tool, which allows you to quote, book and track your cargo online 24/7.  Also, find out how you can be featured on Scarbrough's website and social media channels. Register for an account now!

Scarbrough at the White House

Travis Cook of Scarbrough was invited to a White House Briefing on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, otherwise known as the "Biggest Trade Deal ever." Read what he has to say!


Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act
Read updates on what has been accomplished with the Act in the past 100 days. For example, new efforts to enforce the prohibition of goods manufactured with child, convict, or forced labor and a newly created new process for swiftly and thoroughly reviewing allegations of evasion of Antidumping/Countervailing duty laws.

Importer Security Filing
CBP is working on a proposed rule that would expand the definition of importer security filing importer for certain types of shipments so that the party that has the best access to the required information will be the party responsible for filing the ISF. CBP states that while this proposal would shift the legal responsibility for filing the ISF in these instances it would not change who actually submits the data in the “vast majority of cases.”  

FDA Amends Food Facility Registration Requirements
Read about the new rules that will go into effect September 12, although some changes won't be enforced until 2020.

All submissions of The Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) type data should be processed in ACE after August 15, 2016.


Navigating the ACE Portal
Omaha, NE
08/03  |  Register

PGA Update:
What to Look Forward to in ACE
(worth 10 CCS/CES credits)

Atlanta, GA
08/08  |  Register


Free Trade Agreements 
08/17  |  Register

How to Take Advantage of
the Currency Exchange
09/14  |  Register

Exploring Foreign Markets:
Global Cities Initiative Export Plan
10/12  |  Register

Scarbrough Announces its UK Air Export Consolidation

Cargo cut off Saturday AM
Departs ORD Saturday PM
Arrives LHR Sunday AM
Arrives UK Door Monday


Carriers have announced
GRI updates for August 1, 2016.
Most lanes will be
$900 / $1000/ $1000
20' / 40' / 40'HQ

New PSS Announcement for August 15, 2016
$360 / $400 / $450
20' / 40' / 40'HQ


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