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Never-Ending West Coast Port Congestion News

This week could be eventful in contract negotiations with an offer on the table.  Will ILWU accept?  It was announced that there was no vessel labor ordered over the weekend and work has resumed, however, ILWU now threatens to pull the plug. Find out more about the Vessel Labor Shutdown over the weekend.  Read more about the details of the offer, possible lockout, public distortion, and continued congestion here.

Team Member will Shave Head in Honor of Daughter

One of Scarbrough's valuable team members plans to shave her head in honor of her daughter who celebrates 10 years of being Cancer-Free this year.  We are excited to see and share results, as we continue to support Trish in her endeavors!

What the Transportation Industry is Telling us About the Economy Now

Check out the "5 C's" and what 2015 brings created by BG Strategic Advisors  - Cycling, Cheap Oil, Consumer Closeness, Creativity, and Consolidations.

West Coast Opinions


What is your opinion about the West Coast Port Congestion Situation? We have compiled our readers' comments here.

We want to compile your thoughts and opinions too!  

Track your Live Shipment or Access Historical Data

Moving freight or clearing your freight with Scarbrough? Track your freight or gain access to historical US Customs data 24/7 online or via mobile access.

March GRI Announcement

Carriers plan to implement
GRI on March 09, 2015.

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