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ILWU Clerical Workers to Begin Talks

After a volatile year in 2014 on the West Coast, and an even unrestrained year in 2010, we are happy to hear that the Office Clerical Unit (OCU) of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) and employers plan to begin their negotiating three months prior to contract expiration in 2016.

Congrats, Royals!

The Royals are truly remarkable.  Read why the Scarbrough Team strives to be like this amazing team, plus some fun facts!

México Border Crossings?

With offices at the US-Mexican border, Scarbrough is now accepting cargo and rate requests! 

Download a free resource that explains the Méxican Northbound (U.S. Imports) and U.S. Southbound (U.S. Exports) Shipping Process between USA and Mexico.

The new platform for filing entries.

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Asia to North America GRI

Nov. 1 GRI Postponed until
Nov. 15

December 1, 2015.
$540 / $600 / $675  per  20'/40'/40HQ

*Please be aware that GRI amounts and implementation dates continue to change.  We will keep you updated!

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