Scarbrough News Update
When was the last time you thanked a driver?

Did you #ThankADriver last week?  Take on Brad Scarbrough's challenge and make sure to let others know how truck drivers are a vital part of our economy.

ACE deadline pushed back until February

Ask your broker this:  
Are you ready to file my entries via ACE?  
If the answer is no, you might be in trouble.

To earn 5.5 CCS/CES Credits and learn more about ACE, attend the ACE Workshop presented by Mid-America District Export Council in cooperation with WTC-KC and U.S. Commercial Services-KC.  Register Here.


Is your company developing trade to its potential?

Learn how to develop your North American Trade Now

Join us October 22, 2015 to learn about new Mexican Customs Requirements and other international trading tips of  doing business with México from cross border trade experts.

Event sponsored by World Trade Center of Kansas City and Bannockburn Global Forex, LLC.


Ocean Rates Moving Up

Read what's on the horizon for ocean freight rates. Most likely they are headed upward.

How well do you know your Geography?

Working in the international trade industry, it is essential that we know our geography.  Do you know in which country Addis Ababa is the capital?

Do you have freight to or from México? We now have an office at the U.S. border and in México. Let us know how we can help you. 

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