Scarbrough News Update
New Brazil Wood Regulation

Starting February 1, 2016, in order to reduce the risk of pest introduction, the Brazilian government has established new procedures when shipping with wood packaging into its country.  

USA, Mexico Pre-Inspection Program

Two of three new cargo pre-inspection sites are up and running. All set up for agriculture products moving by truck.  Read more and find out what Scarbrough thinks about the program. What are your opinions or concerns?  Tell us here.

Kansas Organizations: MUST READ

What organization in Kansas wants to visit Germany or England this year and enter the market at nearly no expense?  

The STEP Grant: The State Trade and Export Promotion grant helps Kansas non-exporters to get started and existing exporters to export more through Export Training, Foreign Trade Shows & Missions, and Market Entry Support.    

*Note, Scarbrough also has the capabilities to import/export freight to/from these locations in our niche consolidation program saving you time, money and headaches. To find out more or receive pricing, please click here.

Upcoming Events and
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Doing Business with Mexico (Wichita)
02/04   |  Register

Don't Forget: Most Chinese Businesses are closed over CNY Feb. 7-13

ACE Updates (Webinar)
02/10  |  Register
ACE Workshop (Wichita)
03/03  |  Register
SOLAS Weight Verification (Webinar)
03/09  |  Register
Foreign Trade Zones (Webinar)
04/13  |  Register

Single Window for Trade

CBP's COAC recently formed a working group to focus on creating a single window for submission of trade data to the U.S.A., Mexico and Canada.

February 1, 2016
Asia to N. America: Expect to see GRI charges starting at $540.

March 1, 2016
Far East, S. Africa & Middle East 

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