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Breaking News: Attacks in Brussels 

Brussels Zaventum airport was hit by two explosions, which have been identified as suicide attacks, Tuesday morning, March 22 just before 8:00 am.  Shortly after, there was an explosion at the Maelbeek metro station.  The station, in the city center, is actually very close to the European Union building.  Currently, the city is on lockdown to avoid additional injuries, fatalities, or possible attacks. Metro stations have been closed, and international flights and trains canceled.  There have been at least 34 killed and 136 injured. Live updates via The Guardian.

Clarity on SOLAS VGM

18 carriers have come together to provide the trade industry with some clarity.  OCEMA has created a recommended process map along with accepted methods of receiving the data for SOLAS VGM prior to loading. 

Record Low Rates

Rates continue to fall for TP Eastbound Cargo. The driving forces behind the record lows remain the same: soft economy & severe overcapacity due to mega-ships. Contact us to ensure you're getting the best pricing.


ACE Workshop (Kansas City)
04/05  |  Register
Trans-Pacific Partnership (Webinar)
04/13  |  Register
ACE & SOLAS VGM  (Iowa Falls)
04/26  |  Register
Letters of Credit (Webinar)
05/11  |  Register
Import Basics (Kansas City)
05/12  |  Register
Foreign Trade Zones (Webinar)
06/15  |  Register

Do you plan to be a winner this year?  

With the close of 2015-2016 shipping season rapidly approaching, it's time to review the winners and the losers in regards to the TB Eastbound shipping rates.  Are you looking out for your company?  Where do you rank?


Carriers have announced March GRI's have been waived for the month of March.  However, carriers also announced GRI's to be implemented on April 1, 2016. One can expect these to be fulfilled.

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