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New Mandates for Importers & Exporters

Are you already filing in ACE?  If not, you should read.

Do you as an importer or exporter already have an account in the ACE Portal?  If the answer is no, don't worry. Scarbrough has experience with ACE since 2009 and we can assist you.

New Container Weight Restrictions

Starting July 1, 2016, containers without a verified weight will not be loaded onto vessels, according to the U.K. Freight Transport Association.  

Download a Dimension/Weight Cheat Sheet here.


Our Good Nation's Freight System

Did you know our freight system directly supports 44 million jobs and 55 million tons of goods are moved over our highways, local road, railways, waterways, and pipelines which are all linked to our seaports and airports, as well?
What are we doing to take care of
our nation's freight system?

Luckily, the U.S. Department of Transportation has released a draft for a National Freight Strategic Plan and is available for comments and opinions.

Scarbrough is a proud supporter of NASCO, and we thank you for getting the word out to protect all the components that make up our nation's freight system.


Free Webinar Opportunity

Scarbrough University will be offering a monthly webinar in the form of a Question/Answer Forum. Limited space available to the first 100 registrants only.  

Starting January, Scarbrough is also pleased to offer webinars on specific topics in addition to our Question/Answer Forums.

If you have a particular topic you are interested in, please email

Port Congestion still Exists

Some are saying a reliable freight index would help solve the port congestion.  What do you think?

Opinions welcome!  Email here.

Asia to North America GRI

October GRI is postponed
for Nov 1, 2015.
$540 / $600 / $675  per  20'/40'/40HQ

*Please be aware that GRI amounts and implementation dates continue to change.  We will keep you updated!

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