New Sight News Dec 2015!

New Sight News Dec 2015 Empower Edition

Wow what a year it has been for our world!

Over here in Congo, as we look back at 2015, we are thankful for many things.  We remember the expansion in our clinical service and staff training, the launch of village screening and community health promotion.  We remember the incredible provision of a 4-wheel truck and the divine protection along dangerous roads (or rather off-road).  We remember receiving our first short term mission team who installed internet for us so that Joyce no longer had to wake up at 3am to attempt to use the internet.  We remember Ebola, riots on our door step, and national violence.  And we remember you – you and your generous gifts of time, talents, efforts, skills, finances – to encourage, volunteer, fundraise, spread the word and pray. Thank you so much for empowering us to serve here.  

We hope that you will enjoy our ‘Empower’ newsletter.  It includes crazy exciting news – New Sight will be the feature of a TV documentary shown over a 5-week period starting January 2016!  It will also be available online.  May this documentary be used to empower New Sight further!

On behalf of our staff, patients and families, may we take this opportunity to thank you once again for your support throughout the year,  And may we also wish you an early Merry Christmas and a Happy 2016!

Blessings from the Congo jungle,

Joyce and Henri
New Sight Congo


我們在剛果這邊回顧2015年,發覺實在有許許多多讓我們感恩的事:想起今年我們擴展診所服務,培訓員工,開始到鄉村驗眼,又推出社區健康宣傳;想起神奇妙地供應我們那輛四驅車,在危機四伏的馬路上 (應該說是馬路以外) 得著屬天的保守;想起今年首次接待短宣隊來訪,他們為我們安裝了更佳的互聯網通訊設備,於是凱欣就不用再零晨三時起床嘗試上網;又記得伊波拉爆發、鄰近發生暴亂、全國暴力事件;還有,我們記得你 — 你們每一位無私相贈的時間、才華、努力、技藝、金錢 — 為了給我們打氣、仗義幫忙、籌募善款、落力宣傳、切切禱告。感激各位讓我們有能力服侍這個地方。





Joyce 凱欣、Henri 安理
New Sight Congo 目養計劃 ‧ 剛果

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