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Dust Sweat and Gears..............
The Mini Charge is here! Another fun family day!
The EC mini charge will take place on Saturday 14th June
Cost per car is k150
Venue will be down the Chifwema Road
There will be a GPS Course from 8am, drivers briefing will be at 9am, and the race will commence at 10am, race finishes at 1pm
We will set two courses, 1 for 'town' cars and 1 for more taxing routes, course choosing is optional
Food and drink will be available on site
For more information and to book please contact Julia
If you are thinking of entering the Mini Charge and would be able to host someone from the press in your car then please contact Julia
Save the date!

The next mini charge will be August 30th in the Makeni area.  
The Boys are off to Kenya - Again!
Article by Peter Castle….

There are Elephant Chargers entering the Kenyan Rhino Charge on 1st June represented in 2 entries:-
Car 39 - The Elephants – In Spirit, they are r?J>>aring to go. Tom Younger, Jason Mott, Mark Burton and Richie Fleming (the runners) are “hard” in training.  Andy Fleming (navigator) is polishing his GPS’s and Peter Castle (driver) is checking the strength of his spark.
In Reality, they are dusting off their Mercedes-Benz SWB G-wagon charge car this morning Saturday 17th May to fit the new clutch, which Richie couriered 3 weeks ago from New York.   Problem is that it still has not arrived.  So Plan B….is to take out the clutch anyway and find some-one in Soweto market to repair it.
The truck is leaving next Saturday on it’s 7,000 km roundtrip with Barry and Mark Banka the drivers.  The Zambian contingent of the team are flying to Kenya on Friday 31st May in a “push-me pull-you” light aircraft with Edmund Farmer as their safety pilot.  Last time they did the same trip in 2012, Jason suffered from alcohol induced air sickness on the way up, and Peter suffered from food induced air sickness on the way back, so here’s to hoping for a pleasant flight this time.
Whatever hardships they have to bear with the organisation required to enter the Rhino Charge and the Charge itself, are made good by the luxury camp that Peter Bonde-Neilsen puts on for them – from flush loos and persian rugs to 5 course meals, its truly 5-star in the middle of the bush.
Car 47 - The Dikkops -  3 Zambians, Rich Keeley, Dave Bosse and Shelton Grant together with a Tanzanian and a Kenyan form this team. 
This extensively modified charge car has a Range rover 3.5 litre V8, a galaxy star automatic clutch and Ashcroft lock diffs front and rear.  It is one of the most capable charge cars of the 65 entrants, and probably only needs one more small modification in order to fly to the moon.  However, apart from having to live with the name, they will be challenged in many other ways.
The Rhino Charge - Word on the grapevine, is that the charge is near Saburu National Park, north of Mount Kenya, which is a very arid part of Kenya full of dongas, and thorns, but rich in wildlife.
Elephant Charge wishes our Chargers the best of luck in scooping many prizes at Rhino Charge 2014, and look forward to their stories on returning.
As with Elephant Charge, the aim is to raise money for conservation projects.  Rhino Ark is a fantastic charity that has in 26 years made such a huge difference to conservation in Kenya, and which is so important to its people and its wildlife.  They have turned their attentions to protecting the forests of Mt. Kenya and Mau Mt. Eburru, using the same model that has been so successful in protecting the Aberdares. See
Until Next Time……..
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