Choose, Design, & Mail Stunning Invites That Your Guests Will Love
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Helpful Wedding Invitation Tips

Choose, Design, & Mail Stunning Invites That Your Guests Will Love

The wedding invitation sets the tone for the formality and feel that you want conveyed at your wedding. It is your guests' first introduction to what they can expect on your special day. Many DIY couples prefer to design and print their own invitations rather than order them pre-made. If this sounds like you, we have a few tips for you to turn our customizable wedding invitations into exactly what you need.

Pick Your Design
As we mentioned, the wedding invitation that you choose will set the tone for the type of wedding your guests should expect. An extremely formal affair will need a very elegant invitation, and for a casual, afternoon event you can go with an invite that is more whimsical and fun. Once you have the overall feel decided, you can browse through the different colors and styles that are available at our online wedding accessory store. 

Another thing to keep in mind when you are choosing a design is the size, shape, and weight of the invitation. The bigger or bulkier it is, the more it will cost to mail. Figure out how much money you want to budget for postage, and stick to invitations that will allow you to stay in that price range.
Decide What Information To Include
There are many inserts that can be included in the envelope along with the invitation itself. These extra papers are for giving your guests information that is not listed on the invite. You should alert guests what type of reception to expect after the ceremony, but any more details than "Dinner and dancing immediately following" should be listed on a separate card.

You will want to include an RSVP card (unless you choose to accept RSVPs by phone, email, or through a website). Additional inserts could include a map and directions, travel/hotel information, and/or reception details. If you have a wedding website to alert your guests about wedding updates, make sure the page address is included as well.
Get The Wording Right
The formality of your wedding will dictate how the wording of your invitation should be. Generally, numbers such as dates and times are spelled out rather than using numerals (e.g., half past seven, the eighth day of October). If parents' names will be included on the invitation, the hosting family will be listed first. If the couple is hosting, the bride's name will come before the groom's. 

You will want to decide how you would like to invite your guests. Here are a few examples:
  • ...request the pleasure of your company...
  • ...invite you to celebrate the marriage of...
  • ...join us as two become one...
  • ...formally invite you to the wedding ceremony of...
In addition to the persons hosting and the names of the bride and groom, include the date, time, place, and what type or reception (if any) will follow. Wedding invitations should only have the most basic details, worded in a pretty way. Use inserts to give out additional information. 
Double, Triple, & Quadruple Check The Details!
You do not want to print 200 wedding invitations, only to notice a misspelled name or, heaven forbid, the wrong date printed on every one of them. Proofread it carefully, line by line, until you are positive that it is 100% correct. Then have 1 or 2 more people do the same thing. A fresh eye is much more likely to see a problem than the person who has already been staring at it for hours. 

Do A Test Printing
Whether you are printing your invites at home or taking them to a store to print for you, only print 1 copy to start with. Once you are positive that nothing looks out of place and you are completely happy with how it turned out, go ahead and have the rest printed. 
Get Them In The Mail
Once everything is printed, it's time to stuff envelopes. If you are only sending a single invitation, it's a simple but time-consuming task. If inserts are included, stack them in the following order before putting into the envelope:
  • The invitation 
  • The reception card
  • Additional inserts
  • The RSVP card, tucked under the return envelope flap
The wording on each piece of paper should always be facing up. If your invitation folds, place the stack of inserts inside of it rather than on top.

Now all that's left to do is drop them off at the post office to be delivered. Leave yourself plenty of time to pack and address all of your wedding invitations so that you can get them in the mail 6-8 weeks before the wedding day.
With that task out of the way, you can concentrate on all of the final details that go into planning your wedding. In addition to invitations, has everything else that you need to pull off a gorgeous ceremony and reception, plus all the fun extras. After all, we are "Where brides go for what brides love!"
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