September events: Paris Design Week
& London Design Festival 
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À l'occasion de la
Paris Design Week
nous avons le plaisir d'exposer
 à Marcel by Galerie
For the
Paris Design Week
we are very pleased
to exhibit at
Marcel by Galerie

1 - 14 Septembre 2016
28 rue Saint-Claude
75003 Paris

The U&U team is in Paris! To meet us, drop us a line!

marcel by est une galerie du Haut-Marais dédiée à la jeune garde du design. Laurène et Denis y présentent leur sélection originale et pointue avec une attention portée aux matériaux et à la réalisation.
marcel by promeut le design et ceux qui le font vivre. C'est un lieu de découverte et d’échange, où se rencontrent créateurs et acheteurs autour des objets et de leurs histoires.
À l'occasion de la Paris Design Week, nous y présenterons une sélection de nos dernières collections, ainsi que les nouvelles couleurs Automne / Hiver de la série India.

marcel by is a gallery located in the upper Marais area, dedicated to the new wave of design. Laurene and Denis showcase their original and refined selection, with particular attention to skills and materials.
marcel by promotes design and those who makes it live. In this place, we discover, we share, and designers and customers meet around the objects and their stories.
During the Paris Design Week, we will showcase there a selection of our latest collections, as well as the new Autumn / Winter colors of the India serie. 




m i n t
Brompton Design District - SW3 2BA
-White Canvas- presents compelling and collectable pieces made by innovative designers.

When : 17-25 September 2016
To discover there : the Spool Table and the Korkki table

The Spool Table (picture above) is made from natural materials. The top is a diagonal slice of wood, seasoned for over a year to be retained intact in all its glory. This slice sits on legs made from wrapped wool, pulled by hand to form a traditional shape. Each piece is unique and can not be replicated.

The Korkki Table (picture below) is composed by a cork top and glass base. The top can be removed, and each part used as a separate large bowl or vase. 



FORM & seek
Shoreditch Design Triangle - Boxpark E1 6GY 
Pop-up shop where designers respond to the theme of "De-construct / Re-construct".

When : 20-25 September 2016
To discover there : the Stacking Vessels

Stacking Vessels are Utopia & Utility signature : they combine 3 craft processes, materials and makers for each object. 
Stacking Vessels are functional sculptures, and they can also be disassembled for each part to be used as independent bowls or vases.
Each piece is handmade by individual craftsmen in Europe.


London Design Fair - Shoreditch
The pages of the magazine come to life through a showcase of exclusive and hand selected items. 

When : 22-25 September 2016
To discover there : the Processed Paper Coffee Table

Processed paper ‘beads’ (made from Warehouse Home recycled magazines!) adorn the legs of an oval-shaped oak coffee table. Turned on a lathe, a solid block of paper sheets takes on a marbled appearance.