8.1 is available now and has a ton of great new features for you.
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8.1: A Major Minor Feature Release

We are delighted to announce the release of LiveCode 8.1. As the first significant release post 8.0, it has a raft of important new features for you as well as refinements, enhancements and the usual herculean bug squishing efforts.

New Networking Layer
This release brings you a vast improvement in the networking speed and capabilities of LiveCode. The new tsNet networking layer, included in LiveCode Indy and LiveCode Business, can speed up networking operations anywhere between 3x and 250x, depending on the type of operation. As it wraps the existing networking commands you will not need to rewrite any code, you will automatically benefit from this improvement. The new layer also adds support for additional protocols such as sFTP, SMTP and TLS. For full details please go here.

Auto include inclusions
Have you ever had the experience that your app works perfectly when running in the IDE, but when you build the final standalone it suddenly stops working? Was it because you forgot to include some vital component that your app needed to run? If so, you are not alone. 8.1 to the rescue. It now automatically searches for and includes any extensions or libraries your app needs. Read more about this new feature here.

Goodbye Quicktime
Also in this release, for multimedia playback, the Player Object has been replaced by a new player object using Directshow instead of Quicktime. Dependency on Quicktime is removed by this new player. Read more here.

LCB Enhancements
The Infinite LiveCode project has made good progress, with consequent enhancements to LiveCode Builder. Variables now get initialised by default, unsafe blocks and handlers can be used to flag sections of code that do dangerous things, and you can even include raw bytecode if necessary.

Love for the IDE
The IDE has lots of other upgrades, too: a keyboard-navigable Project Browser that highlights any scripts that failed to compile, a beautified dictionary user interface, and access to the message box just by starting to type. It even colorises your script as you type.

New Extension Added
You can now access HealthKit on iOS to integrate activity, sport and health data on iOS devices (requires an Indy or Business license). Additionally, the SVG widget has new scaled width and height properties, and the Line Graph widget now supports a scatter plot of data and a variety of new styles.

And Even More
There are dozens of other smaller features added in this version, explore the release notes for an exhaustive list. Worth checking out:

  • GPS location history system for Android and iOS
  • list files and folders without changing the current folder
  • “filter” now works on arrays
  • extended new “return” syntax lets you write functions & commands that set “it”
  • appropriate resize cursors now show when dragging to change stack size 
Fixes and enhancements
157 specific fixes and enhancements were made between LiveCode 8.0.2 and 8.1. Since the release of 8.0 a grand total of 220 bugs have been fixed, leading to a better, smoother, happier coding experience.

This release is now available from your LiveCode account, or you can download here
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