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LiveCode 9 has arrived.

Take another look at LiveCode! 9.0 is shipping today and it's way more than just 103 new features and 487 bug fixes. Truly native widgets on mobile, web and desktop, HTML5 shipping, a laundry list of API's wrapped and a year and a half in the making, it's a truly great release we are proud of, fulfilling our aim of producing Infinite LiveCode for developers everywhere. Read the release story here.

Wrap Anything
LiveCode 9 is a new horizon, opening the way to truly No Limits on what you can code in LiveCode. We've added API's like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Android Audio Recorder, Dropbox, Oauth2... and this is just the beginning. With 100% access to the OS, anything can be added.

Web Apps - LiveCode is not just cross platform now. It's Ridiculously Cross Platform. Run your app in a browser, anywhere that can run a browser. (As well as natively on iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux and Server).

Native Widgets - Get a native widgets pack developed by our partners, LiveCode Factory. 8 essential native mobile widgets in this brand new pack: Activity Indicator, Date Picker, Switch, Label, Time Picker, Slider, Search and Progress Bar. Check it out.

Features & Bug Fixes - Want to know what the 103 new features and 487 bugs squished are? Check out the changelog here.
LiveCode 9.0: Develop Yourself
It's not just another coding platform. LiveCode is a development story. If you want to develop an app, develop a business, develop your skills... develop yourself with LiveCode.
We've restarted your trial, so you can test out all the benefits of 9.0. Log in to your account and take it for a test run now! Your account email is <<Email Address>>.
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Then try LiveCode 9 and experience no limits. It's out now!
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