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New Resources - July 2015

Please check out our new resources for July 2015! We'd also like to remind you to follow us on Facebook for regular content not shared in our newsletter. 

As always, we appreciate all the feedback and resource sharing we receive from our RET community. Thank you for your ongoing participation in this site!

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The Painful and Dangerous Message: Only Black Deaths Matter
Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II

Curriculum for White Americans to Educate Themselves on Race and Racism–from Ferguson to Charleston
Jon Greenberg, Citizenship and Social Justice

The Charleston Imperative: Why Feminism and Antiracism must be Linked
African American Policy Forum

The Atlantic Slave Trade in Two Minutes
Andrew Kahn and Jamelle Bouie, Slate

Yes You Can be Black. And it Won't Cost You Much at all
Algernon Austin, Economic Policy Institute




National Initiative for Building Community Trust and Justice

A Better Start: Why Classroom Diversity Matters in Early Education

J. Reid and S. Kagan, The Century Foundation and the Poverty & Race Research Action Council

Cheating Our Future: How Decades of Disinvestment by States Jeopardizes Equal Educational Opportunity
The Leadership Conference Education Fund and Education Law Center

Public Sector Jobs: Job Opportunities for Advancing Racial Equity
J. Nelson and S. Tyrell, Government Alliance on Race and Equity

Historical Shift from Explicit to Implicit Policies Affecting Housing Segregation in Eastern Massachusetts
The Fair Housing Center of Greater Boston

Dallas Faces Race
The Embrey Family Foundation 



National Best Practice Framework for Indigenous Cultural Competency in Australian Universities 
Universities Australia


The Uni-Versity to Poly-Versity Series on Anti-Oppression Organization Change: Creating Anti-Racist Organizations

Arnold Minors, Arnold Minors & Associates

A Conceptual Mapping of Healing Centered Youth Organizing: Building a Case for Racial Justice
M. Chavez Diaz, N. Lee for Urban Peace Movement

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