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From a primary election season monopolized by the Democratic and Republican parties, to ballot access restrictions, to presidential debate rules, and to the legal laundering of campaign contributions through national, state, and local parties, the competition is unfairly stacked against anyone who doesn’t salute a party.

Have You Watched “Rigged” Yet?
But what about 66% of voters who say neither party represents them?

Or the 57% of voters who think we need a third party?

Or the 42% of voters who consider themselves independent?

Shouldn’t we have an equal say?
Howard Schultz thinks so. But will he get roasted?

From California to Florida, reformers are taking bigger and more collaborative stabs at two-party control.

As the 2020 election unfolds, IVN will focus on the candidates, reforms, and issues that help break the two-party narrative that divides the traditional media.

Join us and stay independent,

Shawn Griffiths, IVN Editor

America is Ready and Waiting for a Credible Independent to Challenge Both Parties

by Chad Peace
The data is undeniable… A substantial majority of voters, especially younger ones, want the option of choosing a candidate outside the two-party system. READ MORE

#MakeAmericaDebateAgain: A Stronger, Healthier Republic Requires Open Debates

by Open the Debates
It’s time, America. It’s time to open up the political debates of our nation, at all levels. It’s time to Make America Debate Again. READ MORE

Breaking the Habit: A Mainstream Appetite to End Dysfunctional DC Politics

IVN Editor Shawn Griffiths talks with the President of Open Primaries John Opdycke and long-time activist Dr. Jessie Fields about a movement to let all voters vote in 2020 and unrig the system, which Opdycke observes is “growing by leaps and bounds.”


Gallup: “Americans Continue to Embrace Political Independence”

by Shawn M. Griffiths
It’s fortunate that the food industry is not the political industry because under the current political industry there would only be two places to eat and most people would choose to starve. READ MORE

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