Aloha <<First Name>>,
We have been on an incredible journey of Republican renewal in Hawaii over the past year and a half.

In spite of what the media say about Republicans in Hawaii, I am pleased to tell you we have seen a 50% increase in just the last 12 months in the number of party members (now over 33,074), along with a steady expansion of our grass-roots party leadership. The number of our Precinct Chairs has almost doubled, going from 44 to 73, and the number of District Chairs has grown from 39 to 44.

Republicans in Hawaii are on the move.

At the same time, we recognize we have a lot to do to break the one-party stranglehold Democrats have on our state. Democrats have 24 of Hawaii's 25 State Senate seats, and 44 of 51 State House seats. We have not won any state-wide or congressional elections since Charles Djou's impressive Congressional District 1 special election victory in 2010. While our state's voters laudably voted mercurial Democrat Governor Abercrombie out of office, they unfortunately chose to replace him with "low energy" Democrat David Ige, who has accomplished practically nothing since taking office.

The good news is that our party is in a position to make significant inroads at the state and local level three weeks from now and in the next few years.

As Chairman I have fought to keep our operating expenses as low as possible while preparing for the all-important 2016 elections and beyond. Part of that long-term plan has included having an incredibly talented and hard-working full-time executive director in former Republican State House candidate Marcia Tagavilla keeping our operation on track.

With just a few weeks until the November election, we are at the tipping point.

If we do what is necessary, our party can start its march to return balance to our State Legislature and increase our common-sense voice on the local level.

We have a seven-year plan, and it begins with this upcoming election. Our plan includes electing a Republican as Mayor of Honolulu, sending a Republican to Congress, garnering one-third of State House and State Senate seats, and winning the governorship.

We can, and must, boldly begin this four-election-cycle plan now to bring common sense leadership to Hawaii. If we elect just 11 Republicans to the State House this year, our caucus will have sufficient numbers to require roll call votes in the next State House session, forcing the Democrats to go on record when they support bills the public adamantly opposes but Democrat leaders want to jam through to reward the special interests that fund them.

And by electing Charles Djou as Honolulu's Mayor on November 8, we will demonstrate to our fellow-citizens once again that Republicans can be depended upon to be fiscally responsible and ethically sound when entrusted with high elective office in Hawaii.

But we will only be successful if concerned and active leaders like you provide the funding that is necessary for our candidates to win. With your financial support today we can strengthen our party organizations and provide our candidates with the help they need to run competitive campaigns.

Our goal is to raise $100,000 in the next three weeks.

All we need is the support of 100 concerned Republicans like yourself to donate $1,000 each to achieve our financial goal.
By working hand in hand each to support our candidates, we can thwart the Democrats' efforts to keep control of Honolulu Hale and their plan to defeat our lone Republican State Senator.

With your help, the Republican Party of Hawaii can conduct "party-building" programs that -- with the assistance of party volunteers -- help our entire slate of Republican candidates.  This means we must take a lead role in critical programs like get-out-the-vote ("GOTV"), voter registration and absentee ballot drives, distributing sample ballots, producing candidate-specific volunteer mailings, and operating phone banks. One reason we can do this more efficiently than individual campaigns is that our party qualifies as a political committee entitled to use the nonprofit postal rates, while candidate committees do not have the same privilege.
Your contribution will put our game plan into action!
I hope you agree with our mission, and will support our efforts. Your contribution of $1,000 or more will allow our party to do the work our candidates need to win, and will help our party grow.
If I didn't believe in fighting for fiscally-responsible and ethical government, I would not have sent this e-mail to you or shared our plan. Together, we will take our party to the next level and make Hawaii a better place in which to live and work!

Fritz Rohlfing
Hawaii Republican Party
P.S. Please feel free to call me at (808) 593-8180 with any questions or suggestions. I look forward to working with you to make Hawaii better and to build the Hawaii Republican Party!
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