Founder's Newsletter #2


Marin here. Thank you for giving me your time of day! I REALLY APPRECIATE IT! Here's a glimpse of what I've been busy with and what I found interesting this week.

I am super excited about this Founder's Newsletter concept! Last week's edition went to 97 subscribers and got some really encouraging numbers, plus replies. 47.9% opened the email and 6.3% clicked on some of the links included in there. According to MailChimp, which we use to send the newsletter, those are way above the industry average, 😉

SEO housekeeping: This week I spent some time implementing changes to the meta titles and descriptions on our key pages - home, collections, and products. As a result of our cooperation with the business school of HvA, we received a list of SEO recommendations to improve on the website. A few days later, I stumbled upon this article which covers the basics of a solid SEO strategy.

Giveaway: On Tuesday, we drew the winner for our monthly giveaway. If you don't know about it, here's the gist - each month we run a giveaway for a free DULO shirt. The best way to join and become eligible is to follow us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter. Why is a giveaway a good strategy? Other than the fact that you get to surprise and delight your community, this article offers some more good reasons why you should have one.

Branding: I found this piece very insightful about the branding phases digital brands have been going through and how heritage is becoming an important variable for younger brands.

Books: I rediscovered Scribd this week, thanks to Julian. They've really enhanced the service and now offer ebooks and audiobooks for less than $9 per month!

More books: Thanks to that previous point, I started listening to the "Street Smarts" audiobook by Jim Rogers. I really enjoy it. It is a bit autobiographical, but what I find so valuable are the simple explanations of important economic concepts that make the world go round. If you want to better understand how economies, markets, trade, currencies, commodities and such work - this book is a great introduction.

Kanye: I have become fascinated with Yeezy and his tweets. Say and think what you want about the guy, but he is a cultural phenomenon who is a master at engineering attention and directing it in the places he needs it to be. If you haven't already, take a look at his Twitter.

Marvel: Last week, I went to see Avengers: Infinity War. Very good movie. Enjoyable, complete, well-balanced. Another jewel in the crown of Marvel Studios and Disney. This article is a great read about the story of how Marvel evolved from an almost broke company to the juggernaut it is today under the Mouse's patronage.

That's all folks! Julian will take it from here next week :)

Enjoy the weekend!


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