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- Marin


It's the emotionally exhilarating 5% of the entrepreneurial journey that makes the other constantly-getting-punched-in-the-face 95% bearable.

Every DOer, once they build something new, are facing the unfavorable 5/95 split. It's the ratio every one of us has to bear with when we decide to start or build something that is near and dear.

5% of your experience will be emotionally exhilarating, charging, making you feel on top of the world. Those are the moments of appreciation by your peers, glimpses of positivity coming your way as a result of the change your work created. It can be as small as a nod or a wink from someone you admire but consider very distant and out of your immediate circle. Or it can be as big as your work being pronounced as the best there is in the world.

The other 95% of the time are the unglamorous hours of hard work, sweat (in some cases blood), and tears that go along with the DOer experience. It's the disappointment you feel when you put in so much effort into something and see no meaningful results. It's the moments when the universe seems like it has turned its back on you and nothing is going according to plan. It's the times you feel you are running out of patience. When you want out.

The reality is that the 95% are part of the journey that few people talk about. The popular word out there is that entrepreneurship is glamorous. The experience of the 5% dominates the headlines. On occasion, you may hear someone sharing about the hard 95%, but they quickly dismiss and present those as teachable, character-forming moments. And that's not untrue, but the brain is good at reframing negative experiences into positive ones. It's a sort of a survival mechanism, which every DOer needs if they are to make it to the promised land of success.

What to do?
To make sure we reach this promised land, as DOers, we need to constantly refocus on the 5, especially when we find ourselves right in the middle of the hard 95. We have to be able to take a breath, step out, and dig deep into the positive basket that is the 5. Because even though they are just a tiny part of the split, that side of the equation has a much greater impact on your mindset than any of the other 95. This becomes possible when we actively choose positivity and optimism over negativity and pessimism.

Entrepreneurship is hard.

P.S. Life as a DOer is not easy. It's hard thing after hard thing coming at you all the time. The last thing you need is to bother with a wrinkly, uncomfortable dress shirt in the morning. Life is too short for ironing. Focus on what matters to you. Get your DULO now.

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