Founder's Newsletter #37 (read older issues here)

- Julian

We need your input.

My wish for our communication strategy in 2019 is to be more bidirectional based on feedback and comments from our community, rather than just us blasting stuff into the internets.

So, with this first FN of 2019, I want to set the tone, encourage and ask for your input on what type of content and topics you would find interesting/helpful for us to cover in this format.

Some examples might be:

1. Things we find interesting
2. Personal thoughts on _____ (fill in the blank)
3. Sharing _____ (fill in the blank) process of building DULO
4. Entrepreneurial resources and things that have helped us
5. Bootstrapping a business
6. Motivation, discipline, life hacks, health & fitness etc. (mostly related to running a business)
7. Balancing a full-time job with building a business on the side
8. Recap of our content for the week across all platforms
9. Future plans
10. Current processes
11. Our $0.02 on _____ (fill in the blank)
12. Anything really ... :) We want to create this letter for YOU, not us.

So, if you haven't engaged with any of our previous newsletters, please use this as the invitation to do so, it would really mean a lot to us to know that we are creating relevant content for YOU!

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