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- Julian

Is it time to update employment and have we frozen in the dark ages?

I am fascinated by how few people enjoy, let alone love their jobs.

If I wasn't building something on the side (DULO) and only identified myself with my daily job, lacking a bigger long-term goal for myself and independence being the reward, I am certain I would be in that big group of people as well.

BUT, I think all managers, leaders, and founders have a responsibility and an opportunity to improve the lives of so many people, by just moving the workplace dynamics into a 2019 modern context.

Technology allows us to do it, humans, in general, are good (we could've wiped ourselves many times if we wanted to etc.) and as long as there is some general leadership combined with trust and freedom, I think we can make leaps in not thinking of Monday as the devil and looking forward to Friday, with the rest of the days just being ... present...

Here are some examples from the top of my head that beg the question as to why they are not encouraged during work hours:

*NOTE: In moderation and as long as the essential tasks are done at a high level.

1. A reading session. A great opportunity to get some additional knowledge related to your job. OR, boost creativity by giving the brain different stimuli and read fiction.

2. Taking a walk

3. Going out for a nice warm lunch, as in a dish, not a sandwich in front of the laptop.

4. Just having a short rest/taking a walk for fresh air (proven to be a boost for creativity)

5. Meet a friend/family member for lunch where you don't have to rush to get back within that 30 min/1h lunch break.

6. Let's go crazy. What about a 20-minute power nap? Athletes use it for performance, we are performing at the office…

7. Where does the arbitrary 8h workday come from? Can't we be productive for 4, or 10? As long as all my duties are performed at a high level, why can't I set how many hours a day I want to work?

8. Why is it Monday to Friday and 9 to 5? Everyone being on and off at the same time = traffic, queues, more time wasted waiting for something etc. I get that some things need to be done on a certain date/time combination, but definitely not all and not always:

  • Gyms, tennis courts and sports facilities, in general, are packed in the evening and empty during the day.
  • Some people are more productive in the early morning, some are night owls. Technology has made asynchronous communication a viable business communication style.

Just some example points that will lead to better performance, more creativity, increase in overall happiness and in general the quality of work life.

I guess the general point that I am trying to get at is that we are all very different and it doesn't make sense to use a cookie cutter approach for everyone, especially not in a time where we have so much technology that enables a change in how we think about the workplace.

Happier humans will be more productive.

What would you add to the list?

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