Founder's Newsletter #10

- Marin

Getting off the path.

It happens to all of us from time to time. Sometimes it is by accident, sometimes by necessity. It is essential that we get back on the path as soon as possible.

This week, I had several work engagements related to my day job which I couldn't skip. That meant that scheduled work activities around DULO had to be shifted around. It was nothing dramatic, but the energy and time simply had to be invested in a different place.

It is important to be able to prioritize. You learn that fast, once you are running your own business. There will always be choices you have to make - one thing over another. Most times, the tradeoff is obvious. Sometimes it is not so easy to see whether you've chosen right.

It may happen that this takes you off the path...for a while. It is in such situations that you need "anchors" that can help you get back on the path, so you can continue moving in the right direction. Here's a simple example. This email was scheduled to be sent earlier today. I couldn't write it earlier. I was close to leaving it for tomorrow. But then I saw it written on our whiteboard, staring me in the face. I simply had to write and send it today, as planned.

With that experience in mind, I'm going to give a brief look into the three tools I use to make sure I'm able to get back on the path when I feel I have steered off-course.

The Bullet Journal
This is my go-to note-taking and to-do list system. It helps me organize my work from day to day, month to month. There are many variations and I use the most simple of systems I found early on. Writing down things is a very powerful motivator for me to execute and not leave anything unattended. The analog list of to-dos keeps me humble.

White Board
Here in our HQ (and house) we started using a whiteboard to plan the distribution of our content. Creating and sharing vlogs, blogs, podcasts, and Instagram posts are a big part of our day-to-day activities and we need to make sure we don't miss an important segment while running around chasing other tasks. Here is a look at our whiteboard with an old content plan we were following.

Google Keep
Or pretty much any other online-based note-taking app. Sometimes, when I'm on the go I don't have my Bullet Journal at hand and I rely on Google Keep to store my ideas and notes. It is a simple app that works great across devices and recently has been integrated into Gmail.

I hope you found those useful. What are some of your favorite tools to get back on the path?

Have a great weekend!

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