Founder's Newsletter #3

- Julian
Yo yo yo, it's that time of the week and it's THAT week that you get the better Founder's Newsletter. Last week Marin shared a few interesting insights, but my goal with this whole thing is to outprovide (new word I just made up) value and interesting info in this format, so here goes.

Competing with Amazon
Not many companies manage to compete with Amazon and do so successfully, but touching on the service that Marin mentioned in the last FN, Scribd is an example of how when your pricing and the value proposition is on point, in a digital context where logistics is not a factor, you can capture a significant portion of the market. As a listener of audiobooks, here is the comparison graphic (could be a copywriting case study on its own) that convinced me to jump on it:

P.S. Not affiliated with Scribd in any way, but it's just that valuable to me.

Collabs are the game
My current business fascination is studying how modern entrepreneurs are using digital platforms and leveraging each other's audiences. To name a few: Ryan Carson, Gary Vaynerchuk, Grant Cardone, Tai Lopez, Ed Mylett, Tom Bilyeu, Lewis Howes, Rich Roll, Patrick Bet-David, Omar Elattar, Andy Frisella, the list goes on.

No matter what business they are in, they are a "media company" first, attacking all mediums - YouTube, Medium, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, LinkedIn, creating native content and being guests on each other's shows/podcasts/segments, growing and providing interesting conversations cross-audience.

Two fun facts. All are based in the US (something to think about the state of European entrepreneurship) and we've sent out a shirt to a few of them already and in talks to get to more of them. (fingers crossed emoji)

Lesson for us
Touching on the previous point, it's a solid lesson for us, not only how to approach content creation, but even more importantly, how to distribute it through collaborations.

Me and Seth Godin are BFFs
Here's another fun fact. While doing the entrepreneur outreach we've been talking about, Seth Godin replied to my email within 13 minutes. Turns out he is set for dress shirts, but it just goes to support another data point we had. The most efficient scheduling and guests on our podcast have been the ones running the bigger businesses. We've had more trouble booking people from our high school, than people running multi-million dollar companies.

It just goes to show that response times, time management, discipline, empathy and being open to communication and opportunities are closely linked to overall business success.

A better word for "entrepreneur"?
We've been pondering whether we can find better words for "entrepreneur" and "entrepreneurship". They are long, hard to pronounce, widely used, on 1/2 of Instagram profiles and have kind of lost value when everyone is using them willy-nilly. Not much success with it so far, as "doer" is not great either. Let me know if you think of one 🙏​

Rollin in the deep
Bought a foam roller two weeks ago, nothing magical, but it has improved my recovery by a bit, so $ well spent 👍


MOST IMPORTANT POINT, if you have any suggestions/ideas/feedback on how we can improve this format and what content would be most valuable to you, just reply to this email and I'd love to get into it.

Having fun sharing these thoughts, so see you again in two weeks 😉

Julian, out.

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