Founder's Newsletter #12

- Marin

1% is not a coincidence

First, a disclaimer. I respect everyone’s opinion and actions as long as they don’t harm society. Everyone is free to live the life they feel fits their best interest. If you are happy, fulfilled and not complaining about your situation, you may disregard this writing.

Now to the meaty part.

1% is not a coincidence. The 1% are there because they have earned it. One way or another. They are the ones who chose to do instead of procrastinating. They chose to do over taking a break after 5 PM on a weekday. They chose to actively pursue a dream and committed to that dream’s execution. They made sacrifices along the way — but this is more a choice than a real sacrifice.

The 1% will skip going to a party so they stay with themselves and focus on the act of doing — before and after work, late in the evenings, in the dark hours of the morning, on weekends. While the 99% chooses leisure and comfort, the 1% go up the hill, running barefoot, with the weight of their choices. The 1% chose responsibility and ownership over passively floating through life.

The 1% invest in themselves and strive to be better.

The 1% lead.

The 1% live life on their own terms.


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