Founder's Newsletter #43 (read older issues here)

- Julian

Is Will Smith killing his brand?

Can overexposure hurt your brand and is there too much of a good thing when it comes to staying culturally relevant?

Does one get tired of seeing too much of something before moving closer to disliking?

Reference, Will Smith.

Over polished and overproduced content that is starting to annoy people on a platform that was made for small independent creators - YouTube.

(In contrast to the warm reception by the YouTube community of Jack Black joining the platform with raw videos shot with his phone.)

Will also opened this year's YouTube rewind that went on to become the most disliked video in YouTube history which didn't help, neither did the backlash after the first look of his genie in Aladdin’s upcoming movie.

One school of thought is "There's no bad PR".

The other is data:

Cultural relevance at all cost?

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