Founder's Newsletter #16

- Marin

Don't listen to other people

A lesson I learned recently: to stay sane and focused, limit your exposure to external information. Those can include advice from people who have no direct involvement in your work (or life), books and articles on topics around your work (or life), gurus and such who proclaim themselves as experts, reports, and stories on the success of others.

I have noticed that the more external information I consume with the intention of finding insights about my work, the more anxious and impatient I become. This reflects on my overall mood, expectations, and ability to focus, which could ultimately lead to rash, wrong decisions.

"Comparison is the Thief of Joy."
  - Theodore Roosevelt

Comparing your circumstances to others will only make you unhappy. When you look at others you mostly see their positives, while knowing all the messy details and problems of your situation. This is an easy way to become unhappy and discouraged.

While building DULO, we are often facing this problem. It's only natural. We try not to, but often we look at other brands and compare their situation to ours. Usually, those are companies with several years under their belt, they are well-established and funded. It is very easy to lose sight of this perspective and compare our work to theirs as if we are operating within the same circumstances.

Staying in your lane is actually very hard. It requires a lot of discipline, especially during tough times or simply when you are inexperienced. However, it is during such times when you need to rely on your gut, judgment, and principles and work out of those. 

Shut out the outside world. Don't let comparison influence your expectations. Do what you think is right. There's a chance that you might be wrong. But you might also be right.


PS: As soon as I finished writing this letter I stumbled upon this tweet from Naval Ravikant that pretty much drives the point home.

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