Founder's Newsletter #22

- Marin

Since starting DULO (now more than 2 years ago!!!) I have often been faced with doing things I never thought I would be doing. I guess it's quite a common thing when you are building a business and you have only yourself (OK, and a trusted co-founder) to rely on.

This week, I had to learn about barcodes, then find where to get them, and buy and assign to our products. Barcodes... I never thought I would have anything to do with that. Have you ever thought what the meaning of a barcode is on an item? Or what the digits mean? Or how do you get to have one?

Anyway, my point is that since we started DULO, we have had to learn how to do things we would never even thought of at the beginning of the journey. Here is a short list of things, we had to figure out and do on our own:

I really enjoy being in situations where I am faced with a new, unknown variable, and I have to figure it out relatively quickly, obtain some basic knowledge to help me get going and start doing.

Curiosity and a desire to learn new things have been a big driver in my life to try and explore new paths.

I would love to hear some of your stories and weird things you had to learn in your life and work. If there is a really cool and whacky story...maybe there will be a reward :)

Until next time. Bye.

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