Founder's Newsletter #13

- Julian

Headline reading and "Sheeping"

English not being my mother tongue perfectly qualifies me as one who can make up words, so here's another one:

Accepting other people's opinion as your own. They got theirs from someone else's etc., you can see how the pattern evolves.


I like to think of myself as an independent thinker, but I do realize you can only be one on topics that you've researched and put time into.

Hence, guilty of being a sheeper on the topic of "The Kardashians" until recently.

I haven't watched their reality show and only overheard what other people's opinion was on them. The usual, "famous for being famous", "reality TV stars", "plastic surgery", "dumb", "they spend the day in bathroom selfies" etc.

Forming opinions based on headline reading is dangerous. You can quickly get caught out, or become even more cartoonish and confidently participate in discussions. One step further would be giving advice on that topic 😬

Enter, Kylie Jenner.


Kylie has been creating a lot of buzz in the business world recently and I can understand why many people are changing their perspective and gaining respect for the business acumen the family possesses.

Some Lessons

Being independent, and owning the platform (AKA not being at the mercy of the algorithm) while creating an additional source of revenue = her own app.

Lean, self-funded operation. 100% ownership. #respect

Kylie Cosmetics sold $100m+ more than Warby Parker did in 2017

100% equity owner. Only 5 full-time employees / 4 part-time.


Kylie Cosmetics VS Apple, Facebook and Alphabet comparison:
Source -, 2017. 

Kylie Cosmetics is going to hit 1B in revenue with 5 (4 part-time) employees (the product manufacturing is, of course, outsourced to a factory), you do the math. Mine says about $180M per employee.

Forbes also recently covered Kylie


The Times They Are A Changin' and personal, authentic branding is going to eat up the faceless, soulless logos that are only pushing product.

P.S. On the day I was writing this FN
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