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- Marin


Life is choices.

Someone said that. I don't remember who. But for sure, it's true.

Every choice you made in your life led you to this moment, reading this line.

Think about it. It's a very deep idea. You are constantly faced with choices. In any situation, you have a choice.

The thing is, with every choice we make there follows a responsibility. This is scary. It makes things difficult. It's why we often choose to have others make choices for us. Because it's the easy way out. Relinquish the control and you don't have to worry about being responsible.

We'd rather play the blame game. Search and voice excuses.

The other way is much harder. To accept responsibility. To act. Make a choice. Commit. Do. Live with the consequences.

Which scenario will you choose?

Thank you for taking the time to read this!


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