Founder's Newsletter #21

- Julian

The balance between consistency and new opportunities

Consistency and discipline, in terms of sticking to a process, is something I value very much in myself, others and anyone who is working on improving in that aspect.

But, there is a specific balance that I've been thinking about a lot lately and that's when do you break out of patterns of consistency in order to start a new process with the intention of it being an improvement to the old one?

At what point do you decide that the current behaviors are no longer fruitful (or are starting to have diminishing returns) and you need to look for the next stage of progress elsewhere?

These thoughts will lead to two changes from our side when it comes to building the business.


We are close to our 1 year anniversary of opening up our webshop and we feel that it's high time we start thinking about your next product moves. For details, please read our latest Origins post.

To summarise, we've changed our pricing structure (all shirts are now €65 ⚡) due to a few reasons and will be looking into boosting the sales of our remaining inventory in order to prepare financially for the next collection.


At times it feels like we are building a media company (you would probably agree if you've been following our content), instead of a product company, which in the long-term is a good thing, but our focus on the product, it's distribution and sales channels, as well as our time invested in learning the e-com business has been off-balance and we do realize that we need to go back and figure out those things and start bringing the revenue up considerably.

Once we are able to do that, I think we will be even more successful as an overall brand, but we do need those two in synergy to have a shot at building something substantial.

As with every step of this process, we learn as we go along and this is the current mindset, it might change, it might not, but testing a somewhat new direction feels right.


P.S. Related to the product point, check out our new prices and use code "FN10" for €10 OFF storewide within the next week. A little gesture to everyone reading this Founder's Newsletter and following our journey! We appreciate it greatly!

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