Founder's Newsletter #6

By Marin

Are you on Twitter?

I am. So is our company

As a user, I get the most value out of it, more than any other social network. Over the years I've curated a list of accounts from influential members of the tech, marketing, and financial communities. I've tailored my feed in such a way so that I get the most value out of the time I spend on the platform.
This week has been particularly strong. I stumbled upon 3 threads in 1 day that I want to share with you here. Each one is worthy of turning it into a blog post and printing it out.

On Business 💼
"Everybody is winging it. Every. Single. Person. Nobody actually knows what they’re doing. Sure, they may have hindsight on things that worked in the past, but right now? Nope. They have no idea."

This thread by Josh Pigford resonated so much! He gathers 15 years of experience and puts out a common-sense guide to building a business. The thread has more value in it than any other business book or course. It provides the guidelines. The rest you'll learn through doing.

On Wealth 🏦
"Seek wealth, not money or status. Wealth is having assets that earn while you sleep. Money is how we transfer time and wealth. Status is your place in the social hierarchy."

Naval Ravikant is a very smart guy. He is one of the most respected technologists in the world, but his thinking and competencies go way outside that realm. In this thread, he delivered some very important thoughts on the subject of wealth, career, and leverage.

On Books 📚
"Five business books that lit a bulb
     - Blue Ocean Strategy: Build something novel.

DHH, of Basecamp fame, also tweeted a bit of wisdom worth checking out. He shared several book recommendations (lists of 5) on the topics of business, politics, self-reflection, as well as a list of novels. I respect DHH greatly and will be adding some of those titles to my reading list!
What's new with us?
During the past month, both Julian and I took turns to do some traveling to recharge our batteries for the upcoming months. From this week, we are back at HQ in Amsterdam and we picked up the speed immediately. We recorded two new podcast episodes, one of which is a Q&A with questions we collected from our community. In addition, we started work on the redesign and relaunch of our website, to prepare for the new assets from our photo shoot that will soon be ready. More on that, in the next edition of the newsletter ;)

Smooth ⛵!

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