Founder's Newsletter #27 (read older issues here)

- Julian

Understanding your audience

Last week an article of mine on LinkedIn caught some unusual traction and received many more reads than the normal amount I get (220 reads compared to my second best 30, with an average of let's say 10).

This got me curious and I tried to analyze why that was, below are the notes from my in-depth analysis.

- a bit edgy
- related to company culture -> HR topic good for LinkedIn******
- listing the clear benefits of treating people better -> people would agree

After this thorough 3 line analysis, line 2 popped out. You can see that by the 6 *'s that indicated I was onto something.

You see, the article was all about company culture and working environments and the benefit of transforming many more of those into calm places to work, instead of the usual rush people are in, chasing deadlines and always being "crazy at work".

LinkedIn being a very HR driven platform, now, looking back, it's clear why that type of content resonated with users of that specific platform.

Who knew that understanding your audience is important...

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