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- Julian

This weekend I went to see Bohemian Rhapsody and funny enough two valuable business lessons came out that I want to share.


Very early in the band's history, just before they get signed with their manager he asks them "What makes Queen different than any other band?"

Almost in sync, all four members say "We are 4 misfits playing to the misfits at the back of the room"

Note: NOT the majority of people who are at the front, the few people at the back.

They had a crystal clear vision of who they are and who their target audience was from the very beginning.


Usually, after I watch a movie that I like I go on a little YouTube journey trying to find out more about the movie and the process. This video, tells the story of the Bohemian Rhapsody song recording itself and why it was so successful.

In that clip, Roger Taylor, the drummer of the band, gives a very interesting answer to the question of whether they knew Bohemian Rhapsody would become such a huge hit:

"It's either going to be massive or nothing. Ignored."

Queen dared to experiment and as a result, Bohemian Rhapsody is considered to be one of the greatest songs ever created. 5 different genres (acapella, ballad, operatic section, rock and an outro) played into a 6 minutes long song that flows very different to anything else, transcending genres while no one really knows what it is all about (the band's words) - "No one knows what it means, everyone makes the meaning into a personal experience".

Notes to self:

Know who you are, know who you are talking to and always reinvent yourself, your products and your content. It takes something special to put in the work and accept that it might be a complete flop. Queen did.


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