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- Marin

You have to do it yourself

If you don't have the resources to hire someone who has the experience to do the job, you have to do it yourself.

This is the hard truth I am reminded of constantly while building DULO. It is both a challenge and a blessing. 

It's always challenging
First, it's a challenge, because as you are bootstrapping the company, you have to handle 100 more things and on top of that keep some sort of sanity and order in your personal life. Moreover, there is a huge learning curve when starting something new and that can be discouraging, especially when you realise that the amount of work required for what you set out to do is much bigger. 

But you get used to it
At this point, when everything is still in its infancy I quickly feel overwhelmed. However, whether it is learning to code by myself or building DULO for the past two years, I have now gotten used to this emotional rollercoaster and relatively quickly recognise what is going on. After the initial head holding, combined with thoughts of "this cannot possibly be done" and "others are much better than me for having done it already" I get some clarity, space, and a clear idea what to do. Taking myself for example, when things are not in my favour, if I start and patiently get moving, learning and executing, eventually I will see progress. It's not an easy process, but nothing good is.
0 > 1.

There's a blessing in disguise
Second, the blessing of having to do everything yourself. It so happens, that when I immerse myself into working on a new challenge I get super focused and able to consume a lot of information which in parallel I am trying to apply into solving my problem. This period of intense learning and brainstorming is exhilarating. It gives me so much energy. If you look at me from the side you will see a man obsessed, who may forget to eat and sleep very little, because he's riding a very high wave. This sounds very unhealthy, I know. I don't recommend it, but it is how I work and sometimes flow strikes in unexpected places (and times). 

Yet, for me, this process doesn't last forever. I need to see progress, to be given a sign that what I am doing is actually working. Or not. I just need to see change, so either I can adjust or stop doing what I am doing before making things worse.

Getting a response is hard
And this is where another hard part comes. Getting a response is very hard in the early days of building DULO. Sometimes, the things we do start showing results after a few months. By that time you've done 10 other things and it becomes very hard to pinpoint the exact trigger that created the response. In these early days the number of people we are interacting with is also small, so getting any meaningful analysis from the data is also hard. 

You grow hand-in-hand with your business
What do you do when you are not sure whether the things you are doing are working? You keep going. Keep asking yourself how you can improve. The act of building a business is very closely related to your self-actualisation. When you learn and improve, your business learns and improves with you. When your business grows and presents you with new challenges, you grow as well while trying to solve them. It is a weird symbiotic relationship. But looking at it this way makes it a bit easier to handle the vast learning curves you are faced with constantly or the moments you feel nothing is working and results are hard to come by.

Two connected organisms
Don't look at your work and yourself through different lenses. Instead, look at the experience as a whole. Two connected entities, that is your work and yourself, who rely on each other to move forward, get better, and ultimately reach a successful outcome.

Easy, no? Hardly. But what's the alternative? :)

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