Founder's Newsletter #7

- Julian

Thinking about this week's Founder Newsletter, it somehow turned into a reading recommendation piece from the most unlikely guy to give one.

But, the stars aligned and I read a few materials that caught my attention and thought I'd share them with you, hopefully, you'll find them interesting and/or useful as well.

Traction by Gabriel Weinberg, founder of DuckDuckGo.

The subtitle is: "How Any Startup Can Achieve Explosive Customer Growth" and it examines how different stages of a business most probably require different channels in order to create significant growth.

The book takes you through all channels (not platforms, so it's "evergreen") and provides a framework for finding the appropriate ones for your stage of the business.

If you don't have a business, the same strategies can be applied to personal branding and given the times, all of us are personal brands.

The first three chapters can be found for free here. Just reading those three chapters will be beneficial and give you the gist of what the book is trying to communicate.

Scaling the unscalable

A very interesting read by Paul Graham is also mentioned in the Traction book and it discusses how in order to scale you need to begin with doing things that don't scale. A solid solid piece and a tactic that we are trying to execute at DULO.

-> Doing things that don't scale
The topic of employment is very dear to both me and Marin and that's why the book Bed of Procrustes by Nassim N. Taleb immediately resonated with me.

Not only due to the ideas that it's trying to communicate, but it's also written in a format that is easily digestible, broken down into separate thoughts as individual sentences.

Find below three of my favorites quotes on the topic of employment:
"There is no intermediate state between
ice and water but there is one between life
and death: employment."

"Karl Marx, a visionary, figured out that you
can control a slave much better by
convincing him he is an employee."

"Those who do not think that employment
is systemic slavery are either
blind or employed."

Don't get me wrong, I am a very happy employee (at my full-time day job), BUT only because I get to work on my business the other time (creating my future employer myself).
A good follow up and part of the solution to the "modern-day slavery" theme could be remote work, due to its time and location independence possibilities.

A good guide and a state of the remote work union can be read here.

From our side

We had our first ever guest appearance on a business show. The Real Deal...What Matters Live is a weekly show and we had a great time chatting with the host and founder of QuestFusion - Patrick Henry.

My daily routine
A Hacker's Day also reached out to me and did a great little feature on my daily routine and how that interweaves into building the business.


All in all a great week, grateful for all the opportunities and the time of people that care about what we are doing and I'm looking forward to carrying that momentum moving forward.
Thank you for your time, have a great weekend and talk to you again in two weeks!


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