RED EPIC DRAGON camera - now available

With the 6K RED DRAGON® sensor, you can now capture over 9x more pixels than HD. Unrivaled detail and impressive native exposure eclipse 35mm film in both latitude and image density. Industry leading specs distinguish the EPIC DRAGON as a model for image innovation, helming the evolution of digital cinema technology. Rocket's proud to have the Dragon available for hire. Experience it's formidable bleeding edge imagery and technology for your next visual creation - give Dave or Mo a call.


Matt Henley DOP - "Unnatural History" selected for Locarno Film Festival

Rocket's Matt Henley is heading to the 67th Locarno film festival in Locarno, Switzerland with the Film Commission funded Fresh Short 'Unnatural History' which he shot on RED Epic, S16mm and Beta SP. 'Unnatural History' has been officially selected as part of the festival's short film programme and will be in competition against another 21 films from around the world. The film focuses on a series of bizarre experiments conducted in the Rangipo desert in 1979 involving an American physicist named Theo Velasquez. Unnatural History is also screening prior to the feature 'Enemy' at the NZIFF this year.

Matt Henley Locarno

Curved Sensor

Curved sensor could mean cheaper lenses and better photo quality

Sony has revealed the first picture taken with a radical curved image sensor, which in the future could lead to simpler and cheaper lenses as well as improved photo quality with less noise. With traditional cameras light rays passing through the edges of a lens fall in front of the focal plane as opposed to directly onto it. A curved sensor will allow for shorter, lightweight lenses with a larger aperture. While units with high megapixel counts may not be released in the near future, Sony’s prototype has raised exciting prospects for the future of image sensors.


Second Canon C300 - now online

The C300 is one of our popular cameras, with superb image quality packed into a compact body. Bringing Canon’s expertise and decades of experience designing sensors, lenses and image processing to the world of motion picture capture, the EOS C300 is a modern camera that can meet the needs of cinema industry professionals. Rocket now has a second unit available so give Dave or Mo a call to enquire about using it for your next shoot, big or small.


Canon EOS C300

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