Rocket Rentals - January 2015 Newsletter


Upcoming Hero4 update adds new recording modes

A free update for the Hero4 line of cameras will add some welcome features. the Hero4 Silver will gain the ability to record time lapse videos, take burst photos at 30/6, and auto rotate footage. The Black edition will be getting those same features, as well as 720p240 video (up from 720p120), and 2.7k60 video, up from 2.7k50. Expect the update sometime in February as a free download.

Rocket Lighting & Grip Truck

Rocket Rental’s “Alf” Lighting and Grip Truck is an economical way of providing both Lighting and Grip Equipment in one tidy package. Suitable for TVC’s, Television Production and Short Films the truck is based on a 3.5 litre diesel Mitsubishi Canter base with an aluminium body, and its size and weight means it can be driven with a standard drivers licence and parked on a normal/large car park. Our Wellington based truck has all you need to create stunning visuals for $500 per day. Read More >

Lighting & Grip Truck


Film Reel

ALEXA XT & RED Dragon in 2015 films

2015 is set to be a huge year for movies, and leading the charge in capturing them are ARRI with their ALEXA XT and Red with the EPIC Dragon. The XT was used to shoot Clint Eastwood’s new hit American Sniper. On the horizon is the final part of the Hunger Games series, shot by Jo Willems on the XT. The RED Dragon will be used to film Jurassic World and The Avengers: Age of Ultron, big-budget action movies that the Dragon is suited for. Both the XT and Dragon can be hired from Rocket, so give Dave or Mo a call and we’ll tailor something specific to your needs, including a range of lenses and accessories.

Details of Sony's 6K sensor revealed

Sony may soon be joining the Dragon and the new Alexa 65 in the 6K film camera market, as details have leaked about a sensor using some interesting new technology. Recording at 6K at 240fps and 2K at 16,000fps, it uses a new capture method called Active Pixel Color Sampling. Instead of individual pixels for red, green and blue, the sensor has pixels that can sample each colour. This means data equivalent to a 15MP sensor in approximately 4.85MP, and hugely improved low light performance. While there are no details on uses for the sensor yet, look for it to be used in a new Sony cinema camera soon. Read More >

Sony Sensor



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