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Well, it’s hard to believe we’re ending the third quarter of 2021. I’m sure as you consider all that has happened in 2021 you have similar feelings. I always enjoy this time of year with the cooler weather, football, and two of my favorite holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas). In spite of living in what seems like a crazy world that seems to get crazier by the day, most of us have much for which to be thankful. Your friends and colleagues at ADV Integrity are no exception.

For starters, we are extremely grateful for an incredible group of clients. When we started ADV four years ago in 2017, we knew the importance of having strong clients whom we could serve and discover noteworthy technical findings. The level of trust we have developed with clients in this time period are beyond anything we could have imagined. Secondly, we are amazed at the range of projects on which we have been able to work. In the first nine months of this year, we’ve worked on over 100 projects serving almost 50 clients. Although much of our work is focused on the high pressure transmission pipeline industry, we’ve had several upstream-focused projects. Specifically, we are exploring ways for improving the integrity management process including calibration of inspection technologies, failure analysis, enhanced repair methods, and improving the defect assessment process. We are also cognizant of opportunities in the ESG space (Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance) and are excited about helping our clients as they explore various facets of the sustainability movement.

On a personal level, I am extremely excited about the men and women working at ADV. In a four year period we’ve grown from one person to almost 25 people including engineers, technicians, administrative, business development, and marketing staff members. We’ve become a family and very much enjoy working together (most days!). I often comment that because we spend more time together during the week than with our own families, it’s extremely important that we enjoy working together.

In our next newsletter we’ll highlight some of our newest staff members, as well as details on our new 30,000 plus square foot facility we’re building in Magnolia, Texas. We continue to be blessed and are extremely excited about the future of ADV and the opportunity to serve clients. Feel free to reach out to us if there are ways we can serve you and your company.
Inspect Smarter, Not Harder: Focus on Results That Matter With Holistic ECAs
Why might Engineering Critical Assessments (ECAs) be necessary in analyzing inspection results?  

With inspection technologies becoming more sensitive, inspection reports often require an operator to address hundreds of pipeline anomalies for a single pipeline. However, not all anomalies pose an integrity threat. 

What does a holistic ECA solution look like? 

ADV Integrity’s holistic ECA solutions begin before the tool is every run. This analysis is designed to reduce the digging of non-injurious anomalies which can greatly reduce operation budgets. First, a threshold is established for sizing anomalies. Then, additional analysis is performed to reduce unnecessary digs. 
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In-line Inspection Test Spools Build Confidence and Certainty
Mitigating the Risks of Early Failures in High Strength, New Construction Girth Welds banner image
More engineered solutions that are advancing the industry:

Up to the Challenge: Applications of Digital Image Correlation in Material Integrity Testing
When Complex Problems Call for Customized Solutions: Biaxial Loadframe for Cruciform Specimens
Spoolable Solutions: ADV Integrity Advances Study of Spoolable Pipe Testing and Integrity Management Solutions
Being an Engineering Podcast Cover Image
Featured: Dr. Chris Alexander & Being an Engineer podcast by Pipeline Design & Engineering

Dr. Chris Alexander, President of ADV Integrity, was recently featured on Pipeline Design & Engineering's podcast, Being an Engineer. On the podcast, he discussed the future of energy and shared important lessons he's learned as ADV Integrity has grown.  

Dr. Alexander was featured in S2E27: Why Fossil Fuels Are Not Going Away & How to Get an MBA Without Getting an MBA.
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