Issue 11, 17 November 2014         
Toheed Newsletter
Issue 11, 17 November 2014
Montreal Toheed Society offers condolences to all Muslims, especially you dear friend, upon the 25th of Muharram, the anniversary of the martyrdom of the pioneer of the lovers and the beautifier of the worshippers, Imam Ali ibn Hussain al-Sajjad (PBUH).
 Montreal News
  • Ahlulbayt TV: Take part in the #MyMuharram Campaign
  • Sayed Ali Abbas Razawi in Montreal, Program in English From November 14th-19th. 
  • Ansar Day 2014 in Toronto
  • Weekly programs of different communities in Montreal
  • Manifestation of Islam in the life of a muslim
Listen, my friend, to the complaint of this reed;
A story of separation it tells indeed.
Ever since this reed was cut from its bed,
Every man and woman’s sorrow I spread.

Rūmī, Mathnawī, vol. 1, lines 1-4
Imam Ali’s will to his son Hasan
Part four
His rope Abstain from speaking about what you do not know, or addressing what is not incumbent upon you. Keep away from a path that you fear might lead you astray, for indeed ...
Nahj al-Balaghah, Letter 31
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