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Don't you think it would be a great idea if we all chipped in and bought a computer system that we can make the rules for? Then we will really have a means of helping small businesses get their names out there. My plan is designed to make money by bringing customers to your websites. So if I have a network capable of maintaining 20,000 or so users. It make it very easy for me to help you make things go viral. Go here to read more about our project on GoFundme 
Vermont Internet Design Campaign to raise money for data center I have posted several updates to the projects, which you can find on the updates tab of the campaign. 
Think of how awesome it would be if we could create a network that connected 20,000 people from all over the world. What I want to do at first is not necessarily create a massive infrastructure. What I want to do is to make existing infrastructure more efficient. For the last 5 years I have been working on a way to make websites more efficient so they run sending only a fraction of the data that most computers are designed to send and recieve. 
So in a nutshell I want to create a system that using the existing infrastructure to its fullest potential. First thing I need to do is get a data center set up out here. That I can load with information and resources that people access a lot. Than I want to create a computer that optimizes that request to its smallest possible state. That way there is the least amount of data as possible going through the wires. I believe that my idea will be revolutionary because it will allow us to send massive amounts of data down very small wires. So being able to have large amounts of things going on via my computer. Will allow me to create a large advertising network that will allow me to propel any website into a large volume enviornment and help any business that comes to me get a large volume of web traffic. 
As I have found that web traffic is very high value and I have a plan to create a large scale online network and embrace that network to educate the viewers lessen the impact of technology on the enviornment by creating a system that is more efficient than any other. Than once I have a model set up we can begin to branch off into other regions. 
As the $30,000 that I am trying to raise for this project might seem like a relatively low amount of money needed to get this project off the ground. Which it is a very low amount. That's only because we are lucky to have someone who has already made substantial investments into this project. We already have the building and we already have someone to do all of the complex programming. So really what we are looking at to produce this is materials and basic cost of living expenses. I am a programmer with over 10 years of experience in programming. I mainly program in PHP, Mysql, Ajax, Javascript, XML, CSS, HTML, and Bash. I have also spent 10 years maintaining many different types of web servers located all over the entire world. I've set up everything from live streaming data feeds on reefs under the ocean. To complex content management systems that were written by hand and design to support many levels of authentication, products with unlimited options, and data encoding algorithms designed to make your computer run much snappier.
However, the value of this computer system to me is great and it's potential is so great that it would be stupid of me to not give it my best shot to find funding for my idea. So I hope that I can get everyone else on board with me because you are a big part of making this project into a success. If everyone has eye balls on my project than everyone will push it into existence. If you would like to help get this project off the ground than donate on the link below every little bit helps. No donors will be forgotten I will put everyone who helped bring this project to live on the company website when it goes live.

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