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Those Big Projects.

    Well I always find myself scouring the web, facebook, and other social media websites. Often in search of a kernel of information which is about to start the chain reaction of popping like popcorn in people conscious. As we might know that not everything goes viral. Not every idea was fit for millions of people. However, the key to producing information that is of interest to many people is subject to debate. 
     You know when you watch TV we see people reading from their lines. Everything, is performed the way that it should be. However, as information evolves it changes meaning. It could mean anything to anyone. The reality is that it is not the information that goes viral, or gets repeated to many people. Having perfect spelling and grammar is not key either. The key is to identify your audience first. Where are the people going to come from who are going to make something go viral? Most of the time you will find that it is a lot easier to find an audience for your product or services if you know someone who can reach a lot of people.
       At least this way even if your ad doesn't go viral you know that it reached a lot of people. So feedback is crucial. Why didn't the product catch on? Many questions may arise about your campaign. There are going to be a million people who will offer an opinion. Who's is worth something to you. That is what you want to identify. Obviously, someone who has a million viewers shares an opinion with you about why they did not include your campaign, this opinion would have a higher value than someone who cannot reach 10 people. Unless that one person has an opinion in which gets weighted into a decision as to what information gets passed down to a million people. 
       What often times ends up going viral is a campaign that can further other people's campaigns. Therefore, when designing a campaign design it around people who have large audiences and looks for ways to adapt your products and services to their audiences.
        For instance, I have a couple of acres of land here. I estimated that over the course of the next 3-5 years I can slowly start building out a system that will allow me to produce lets say 10,000 pumpkins for Halloween. I know that if I can sell each pumpkin for $5-$10. However, in order to sell that many pumpkins I might consider creating an event that involves the need for 5,000 of the pumpkins which could be sold for $10 each as part of the entry package. In doing this other companies will want to jump on board to my advertising campaign. Through sponsorships, and endorsements. Though its difficult to undertake something like that on your own, and it costs a substantial amount of money.
       Advertising is not rocket science. Really we need to educate people on why they need to buy our products.This happens all the time in web development. A common one web developers hear is why do I want to spend $50,000 for something when I can have my nephew build me a website for $1,000. Well this is a good question. However, the answer is simple if people could spend $1,000 and end up with the next facebook than I would already be a billionaire. However, its not quite that simple. Once you have an idea laid out. You need someone to program it correctly. A website that is not going to need to support very many users could be built a lot cheaper than a website that is going to support multiple users at the same time. Sometimes, it is hard to explain to people that a website that is going to support a million users isn't someone is going to go in the back room and design in a night. When you have a million users all of your code is multiplied by the amount of users you have. So if you have 300 bytes of information that could be shaved off a request, its not a big deal if you only have a few users. However, if you have a million users than that 300 bytes becomes 300 Million wasted bytes. When your talking RAM memory and band width. Condensing 300 characters from a text string can save thousands and thousands of dollars in memory bills. 
         There are programmers who know only enough to layout a prototype and there are programmers who can build that system that will support those million users. Knowing what you are doing is key to launching a successful web application. Sometimes, you have to let the programmers do the programming because if you don't than you will end up with a bunch of stuff that will work for 5 people. However, will never reach the stage of a million users. If you want to have a million users than you need to start planning for that from the beginning.
          I know for me I love having the opportunity to build websites that I am designing to accomodate a large audience. Is what keeps me going, knowing that all kinds of knowledge, friendships, and money are going to be transacted through software that I built. I know that even though I am not a rock star or anyone famous. I know that the code that I wrote has the ability to change the economy if it hasn't already 20 times over. Though code is something that moves on and takes on a life of its own. There is always a programmer somewhere over the rainbow who's knowledge is giving you the tools you need to maintain your life. 
           So its good to put some trust into your programmer and let them do what it is that they need to do. If they know what they are doing of course. There is a difference between programmers who are mathematicians and programmers who are not. 

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